new products for 2012

USA Today just released the top new products to look out for in 2012. My heart just skipped a beat and my eyes got a little wider than normal. I think of my dog Mya when I ask her if she wants a cookie. It’s the same reaction.

I love new products. Whether it’s a product that is completely new and never been seen, heard, or used before, or whether its a new product that is better than what is out there already, it’s all awesome.

It’s an exciting feeling to know that the great marketers in the world are constantly re-inventing the way we use things. You have to love marketers because they will also try to convince you that the new product will change your life, and for the better.

For example, Tide is one of my favorite brands, and they will be rolling out what they call Tide Pods. Now you can just drop of these little monsters into the washer and it does the rest for you. Pouring the detergent into the little cup was just too damn difficult.

Orville Redenbacher is coming out with “customized toppings” for your popcorn. So no more just plain butter popcorn. Now you can get flavors like Salt & Vinegar and White Cheddar. I thought we had this already but now it comes in little shaker packets you can have at home. It’s a good product for the popcorn makers. I should’ve invented that, just like that darn Snuggie, it’s a blanket with sleeves!

Finally, V8 is coming out with their veggie juice but with caffeine and green tea in it. Yep, V8 is going the Red Bull direction. Now you can get your 3 servings of vegetables AND jump around!

Like I said, I love new products, and I’ll end up trying all of these just because I’m curious. I love being in marketing and being a part of this creative industry that comes out with new products all the time, all trying to get the attention of consumers to spend money.

Below is the article from USA Today. Which ones will you be trying?