the little sample box


I wish I would’ve come up with this idea myself, but I’m glad somebody did. Birchbox is a beauty sampling company that sends their customers 4-5 deluxe samples from Lancome to NARS in the mail every month for $10/month. It’s perfect for those beauty junkie’s like me who love to try new products. I’ve always been a product lover, and with my experience in the beauty industry, I’ve learned a thing or two about ingredients, trends and packaging. 

The brand is super girly, with their pink logo and “girlfriend to girlfriend” brand personality. The monthly box comes with a card that details the products as well as a note from the team. You also don’t know what’s in the box, so it gives you that element of surprise and anticipation. They have their own company blog which just added a girl named Ingrid, a vlogger (youtube video blogger) who talks about her box every month.

I love the whole package. You can rack points depending on how much you spend on full size products that lead to discounts freebie’s in the future. The more this company grows, the more it will become an ecommerce site with sampling being the goodie bag. 

I’d strongly recommend giving Birchbox a shot. For $10/month it’s not going to break the bank, and it gives you that experience of trying new products and being the trendsetter in your own beauty world.

I’m a sucker for a good marketing story, a new fragrance or a new undiscovered ingredient, so I’m perfect for this kind of thing. I’ve attached some pictures of my Birchbox for the month of December. 

Can’t wait until next month!!