anyone want a coke?

This is my number one favorite brand, Coca Cola. How cool is it that a product made up of water and sugar can be loved by everyone from a toddler to my grandfather? It has sustained the life cycle of most products by reinventing itself, coming up with new, successful products, and by expanding its portfolio. As the holidays are coming up, I’m always amazed at how much influence this brand has had.

As far as a branding perspective, what brand can say they shaped the image of Santa? Don’t believe me? Back in 1931, Coca Cola decided to launch an advertising campaign that depicted a jolly old man in a red suit to show that the product can be enjoyed all year round. He was drawn by Haddon Sundblom playing with toys, reading stories to children and enjoying a coke. Even though he wasn’t drawn in a red coat specifically for Coca Cola, it was pretty darn convenient. As the years passed on, what was once drawn as an elf, Santa has become a figure loved by children and grownups alike. So Coca Cola has had an influence on Christmas, can’t get much bigger than that. They even came out with those cute polar bears.

From their simple campaign “Enjoy Coke” to their cool brand messaging, Coca Cola will be living way past my lifetime. Alright, time to hit the soda machine, I’m craving a Coke…